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Divy Ansh Herbal Hair Oil

Key Benefits 
  • Helps to strengthen hairs and promote new growth. 
  • Prevent premature graying of hairs. 
  • Effective in preventing itching and scalp infection. 
  • Stimulates scalp and hair follicles to produce new and healthier hair. 
  • Useful against baldness and dandruff. 

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Divy Ansh Herbal Pain Relief Oil

Key Benefits 
  • Provides relief from various body pains such as knees, back, and shoulder pain. 
  • Highly effective for patients suffering from cervical spondylitis and arthritis. 
  • Aids in making the joints stronger and reinstates the synovial fluid between the joints to make it function properly. 
  • Extremely beneficial remedy for women against back pain. 
  • Effective in bringing proper and normal movement back, even in the joints, which have been painful and non-functional for years. 

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