Karela Tablets + Lehsun Capsules + Neem Tablets Combos


Karela Tablets + Lehsun Capsules + Neem Tablets Combos


Key Benefits
  • Improves digestion and immunity
  • It is useful in treating and keeping dandruff at bay.
  • It also acts as a blood purifier and removes toxins from the bloodstream.
  • It helps in fighting acne and lightening acne marks and gives the face a healthy glow.
  • Helps detoxify the body.
  • Helps to cure skin and urine disorders.


Neem Tablets improves energy levels by improving circulation in the body channels and purifies blood. It cures urinary disorders, blood and skin related disorders and general debility. Also, beneficial in malaria, chronic fever and heart diseases. 
Karela Tablets regulates blood sugar level, lowers cholesterol, provides relief from piles. They are beneficial in treating skin diseases and fungal diseases. These tablets are also excellent for weight loss, helps to relieve constipation and promotes gut health. 
Lehsun Tablets helps to lower cholesterol level, boost immune system function and acts as a natural blood thinner which prevents blood clots. They promotes cardiovascular health and can balance blood pressure levels. 


This unique combination pack of herbal tablets, brings with it a whole lot of health benefits. Made with pure and organic extracts, these tablets boosts immunity, keeps your heart healthy and maintain your diabetes. These nutritious tablets can bring you a wealth of good health. 


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